Whether the operation way is correct determines the quality o

Submitted by Eliza,03/24/2016
Concrete mixing plant is the equipment to produce the concrete. In working process of the concrete mixing plant, the operation way is correct or not, which determines the quality of the concrete mixing plant. So, Pioneer Machinery will talk about how to correctly operate the concrete mixing plant for you. The influence of operation way on concrete quality is mainly in the aspect of measuring and mixing process.

1.Measurement operation:
In the production of concrete mixing plant, we should pay attention to the error of the measurement, the adjustment of the impulse, and the residual quantity of the feeding process, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. It should be paid in the following aspects:
A.The impact of external material on concrete is very big, the amount is very small, in this aspect, we should pay special attention to the accuracy of the measurement.
B.The slump of concrete has direct impact on the performance and quality of concrete, but due to the rate of water content of sand and gravel, it is not guaranteed to be stable. So if the device can not automatically adjust the rate of water content of sand and gravel, you need to constantly observe and understand the humidity of gravel and the slump of concrete.

2.The mixing process:
The mixing process of concrete mixing plant mainly is to adjust the feeding time and stirring and discharging time according to the characteristics of the concrete to ensure the mixing of concrete is even and achieve the requirements and performance of design. Mixing time should be prolonged when the concrete is mixed in the admixture.