The supporting host for concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,05/13/2016
The concrete mixing plant mainly consists of five parts: the mixing machine, the material weighing system, the material transportation system, the material storage system and the control system. The supporting host of concrete mixing plant is the mixing machine, the mixing machine is mainly composed of the transmission device, the shaft end seal, cylinder and lining plate assembly, lubricating device, unloading system and mixing device.

According to the mixing mode of the concrete mixing plant, The supporting host of the concrete mixing plant can be divided into forced mixing and self dropping type mixing. The forced type tank body is not moved, the stirring shaft is rotated, and the material in the tank body is forced to stir guided by the stirring arm, the mixing effect is strong, which can mix the mixture into homogeneous concrete in a short time. The self dropping type mixing drum rotated with the help of the mixing blades installed in the mixing drum, which make the material lift, the material falls on its own gravity, thereby it can realize the stirring effect. The requirement of the supporting host of concrete mixing plant:

1.The maximum size of the mixing material of the supporting host the concrete mixing plant is in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB/T 9112, and it should have the ability of instantaneous overloading 10%.
2.The mixing time of the forced and self - dropping type of mixing machine is absolutely consistent with the requirements.
3.Unloading height is determined according to the type of transport vehicle.
4.The unloading belt of concrete mixing plant can prevent concrete from segregating.
5.According to the user's need to set the input sequence of various materials, supply quantity and mixing time, concrete mixing plant will be in accordance with the setting process to normally operate.
6.The reliability requirement of concrete mixing plant is high.

In the use of concrete mixing plant, users should do a good job in maintenance work, to make your concrete mixing plant serve for you for a longer time.