The maintenance of gas system of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,04/13/2016
In the concrete mixing plant, the gas path system is an indispensable part. So, it is very important for its maintenance. The gas path system generally includes air compressor, wire and cable, as well as electrical components, etc.. In the following, I will talk about the maintenance of the gas path system.

1.The maintenance of air compressor
In the concrete mixing plant, the oil level of crankshaft oil tank in  air compressor should be above the minimum oil level mark line, checking the quality of oil level and lubrication regularly or every half month, if it is necessary, we should add or replace them. The number 19 compression oil should be used in summer, the number 13 compression oil should be used in winter. In addition, the air compressor should be placed in a smooth and clean place, which should not be placed in damp, dirty and dusty place to work. Checking the sensitivity of the safety valve every three month, cleaning the muffler every 250 hour, and replacing the lubricating oil every 500 hour.

2.The wire and cable
The wire and cable used in the concrete mixing plant should adopt the national standard line, the general quality guarantee period of the national standard line is 1 year. If conditions permit, you can use a wire slot box to play a protective role in the wire.

3.The electrical components
The ventilation pipe and the connecting head should be kept clear and firm, when it leaked the air, we should repair it immediately. The filter liquor in the filter must be discharged in time when it is full, the lubricating oil in the lubricator should be added in a timely manner when it is run out. Adding oil should be in the absence of pressure, before the operation, we need to clean up the surrounding dust and other debris, to avoid entering the oil mist. We can use 2.5-7 degree of viscosity of the lubricating oil or industrial 40# oil.