It is very important to reasonably use the dust removal equip

Submitted by Eliza,04/19/2016
In the field case, in spite of a lot of concrete mixing plants use the appropriate dust removal equipment, the effect is still not good. After installing the dust removal equipment, weighing bucket produced negative pressure to affect the accuracy of the weight of the powder. Therefore, it is very important to reasonably use the dust removal equipment of concrete mixing plant.

In the concrete mixing plant site, in order to save costs, some users directly make the air duct of concrete mixer be connected to the low part of the dust hopper of the dust collector. However, due to the suction of the wind machine, the dust brown by pulse can not settle into the bottom and flow into the host, which makes the filter element is always in the dust, because the dust don’t have the process of settling, thereby it greatly reduced the working efficiency of the dust collector.

Users can install a butterfly valve at the bottom of the dust hopper, when the dust collector is working, closing the valve, all of the air guide pipe are connected to the flange at the side face of the dust hopper, which provides settlement space for the dust brown by pulse and avoid the secondary pollution of dust collector cartridge. In concrete mixing station site, according to the actual situation, users can regularly open the valve to clean out the dust every four or five hours, and put the dust into the concrete mixer, thus it can reduce the labor intensity.

Therefore, in the concrete mixing plant operation process, the user should correctly design and reasonably use the dust removal equipment, which not only can avoid dust pollution, to achieve the call of green concrete mixing plant, but also it greatly improves the overall performance of the concrete mixing plant.