Introduction to the structure of commercial concrete mixing p

Submitted by Eliza,05/06/2016
Commercial concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of mixing system, aggregate supply system, measuring system, control system and the supporting equipment. The following is the main description of its composition.

1.The mixing system
According to the mixing method, the mixing system is divided into forced mixing and self - stirring. Forced mixer is the mainstream of the mixing plant at home and abroad, it can be mixed with the flow, semi dry, dry and hard concrete. The self fall concrete mixer mainly mix the flow concrete, at present, it is hardly used in the concrete mixing plant. According to the form of the structure, the compulsory mixer can be divided into the planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and twin shaft mixer. The comprehensive performance of the twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer is the best.

2.The aggregate supply system
Aggregate supply system consists of three parts.
Aggregate transport: at present, there are two ways to transport of the concrete mixing plant, the hopper and belt conveyor. The advantages of hopper lifting is that the area is small and the structure is simple. The belt conveyor has the advantages of high transmission distance, high efficiency and low failure rate.
Powder conveying: the powder that the concrete is available to use mainly is cement, fly ash and slag.
Liquid feeding: mainly refers to the water and liquid admixture, they are respectively transported by the pump.

3.The metering system
Measurement system is a key part to influence the concrete quality and production cost, which is divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. All weighing are controlled by electronic scale and computer. Aggregate weighing accuracy is less than 2%, cement, powder, water and additive weighing accuracy is less than 1%.

4.The control system
The control system of the concrete mixing plant is the central nervous system of the whole set of equipment. The control system has different functions and preparation according to the different requirements of users and the size of the mixing plant. Generally, the control system of small scale mixing plant in the construction site is simple, and the system of large mixing plant is relatively complex.

5. External supporting equipment
Waterway, gas path and bin.