Concrete mixing plant need take protective measures in rainy

Submitted by Eliza,03/30/2016
In the rainy season of spring and summer, concrete mixing plant construction is easy to encounter shower or heavy rain. Therefore, in the process of concrete construction, we need pay more attention to some aspects in the following, and we also need do a good job of protective measures.

1.We need to grasp the weather before coating the template isolation layer, , to prevent the isolation layer from being washed away by the rain.

2.Encountering heavy rain should stop pouring concrete, the parts that have been poured should be covered. The pouring concrete should be considered to set a number of construction suture based on the structure and the possibility.

3.When the concrete mixing plant is in the process of construction in the rainy day, we should strengthen the determination of water content of concrete aggregate, and timely adjust the water consumption.

4.Before pouring the large area of concrete, we need to understand the weather forecast in two or three days, to avoid heavy rain as far as possible. In concrete pouring site, we need to prepare for weatherproofing material, to protect the pouring concrete when suddenly encounter the heavy rain.

5.Concrete mixing plant formwork supporting should be backfilled compactly, and add the backing board, after raining, we need to  timely inspect if there is sinking.

6.When it rains, it is forbidden to welding steel in concrete mixing plant, if it need to weld, we should do good rainproof work or move the construction work indoors. The steel welding joints should be prevented from rain, so as to avoid the joint embrittlement to affect the quality of the project.